Tuesday, December 21, 2004

so how many docs believe in miracles?

an interesting survey comes out from the HCD Research and the Louis Finkelstein Institute for Religious and Social Studies of The Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City concerning physicians' religious beliefs. it's a survey of 1,100 doctors and the results are interesting. here are some of the stats:

-- (58%) (over half) attending worship services at least one time per month

-- 46% (a plurality) believe that prayer is very important in their own lives

-- 37% physicians believe that the Bible's miracle stories are literally true while 50% believe they are metaphorically true. 12% indicated that they did not believe in the Bible's description of miracles

-- 9% believe the Bible was written by God, 58% believe the Bible was inspired by God and 34% consider it human ancient literature.

-- 55% believe that medical practice should be guided by religious teaching (44% do not)

--a majority of doctors (55%) said that they have seen treatment results in their patients that they would consider miraculous

--67% encourage their patients to pray

--35% of Catholics believe that all or a lot of the outcome of treatment is due to these non-medical sources, 46% of Protestants concur while only 20% of Jews attribute outcomes to non-medical influences.

for the news item carrying this story, click here.

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