Monday, May 16, 2005

heads up from the author of the "Soul of the Embryo"

I just found a recent comment made to an old post I wrote on this blog concerning an important aspect of a bioethical debate; so I would just like to bring attention to it here. David Albert Jones, author of "Soul of the Embryo," has recently sent word that his book has been out in the US since March of this year, and is yet to be reviewed widely. According to Jones, the book "aims to respond to those who make selective use of bits of the tradition in a vain attempt to defend abortion, embryo experimentation and other attacks on early human life. The book aims to undermine these sophists by revealing more of the context of the tradition and, as it were, out-narrating them."

He invites anyone who wishes details about the book or has questions about the status of the embryo in the Christian tradition to contact him. His email is

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