Friday, December 02, 2005

online chat (Instant Message) with co-chatter "michael"

michael: I wonder . . . does the 1000th person to be executed since 1976 get a door prize on his way into the death chamber?

vox: dont know

vox: why do you ask?

michael: oh - just looking at a bbc headline

vox: if there were, what sort of prize?

michael: oh - a lifetime subscription to People Magazine - or something equally pointless

vox: *gasp*

michael: it would just be a token.

vox: there's no point to People Magazine?

vox: but that's what i read to learn about people.

michael: oh . . . I'm sorry. I must be misinformed about its merits. forgive me.

vox: yeah....i mean, aren't you curious to know every year who the 10 sexiest people alive are?

michael: well - not really . . .but clearly I should be.

vox: well, don't start reading just on my account. read it for your personal edification....or something like that...but alas, the 1,000th person executed would have no use for such a publication methinks.

michael: very well . . . the next time I am in a hospital waiting room, I will be sure to grab the old copies of People Magazine

michael: cufflinks, then?

vox: that's if there are formal events in whichever place he ends up. right?

michael: possibly -there are many casual dress shirts that require cufflinks - I have about seven such shirts. it seems that they became popular within the last two to three years. anyway - it sickens me that so many people have been executed within 30 years

vox: well what can you expect, in a society that tolerates abortion. it's all kill, kill, kill.

michael: well - Europe abolished the death penalty quite awhile ago. even though quite a few allow abortions...

michael: though moral consistency would require one who is anti-death penalty to also oppose abortion

vox: thank you. but yes, it is disturbing. i didnt know we have reached that number

michael: neither did I, until I read about the execution of Kenneth Boyd in North Carolina

vox: and what's the status of the death row inmate who has requested clemecy from governor ahnuld?

michael: I have read nothing new -it seems to be up in the air, still.

michael: ah well

vox: arnold, the clement terminator. sounds like an oxymoron.

michael: Texas has killed 355

michael: the one on 12/13 could be California's 12th since 1976

vox: *sigh*

vox: how would you respond to those who say, "well, this is justice" and "this deters criminals"

michael: well - it's been awhile since I've seen exact figures, but the prison population has only exploded since 1976, and there is no evidence to demonstrate that the re-introduction of the death penalty has resulted in a decrease of violent crimes.

vox: so why do we do it as a state?

michael: advocates for the death penalty seem to be motivated by a desire for retribution & revenge

michael: it's a type of blood lust that victimhood almost seems to encourage. I think there are too many advocates on behalf of those related to the victims of capital crimes.

michael: anyway - I've just swallowed NyQuil - now, I must try to sleep through the night without falling into a coughing fit

michael: goodnight

vox: goodnight. perhaps you'll sleep better knowing there's one less death row inmate around.

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