Saturday, March 19, 2005

on the anniversary of operation iraqi freedom

demonstrations were held around the world today to mark the second anniversary of the start of military hostilities in iraq, commencing operation iraqi freedom. according to the london telegraph, around 45,000 protesters marched on the streets of london protesting the war. marches were also held in japan, australia, greece, turkey, norway, spain, italy, in other parts of the globe and in several cities in the US.

one can say that due to US military involvement in iraq, freedom has been brought to that country, as well as democracy.

but it is also perhaps fitting especially on this day to inform oneself on what this military incursion has cost the nation, in terms of lives and financial resources. according to the department of defense, 1,158 americans to date have been killed in action and 355 have been killed in non-hostile activity: bringing the total to 1,513 americans killed in iraq. the source for these figures is found here.

and the number of iraqi deaths is more difficult to obtain. but one can imagine the number exceeding far beyond the american casualties.

in terms of financial cost, the figure i have for this very second is $153,111,703,134 and counting. if you would like to see the exact figure, click here.

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