Friday, June 17, 2005

more earth news...

I found an interesting article from the Economist describing the efforts of two companies which are possibly getting close to finding oil in Israel. Apparently the two men who established the companies, John Brown and Tovia Luskin, were inspired by the 33rd chapter of Deuteronomy which, to their mind, points to the riches underneath the earth on which tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh (descended from Joseph) settled.

The specific verses (13-16) read:

"Blessed by the Lord is his land
with the best of the skies above
and of the abyss crouching beneath;
With the best of the produce of the year,
and the choicest sheaves of the months;
With the finest gifts of the age-old mountains
and the best from the timeless hills;
With the best of the earth and its fullness,
and the favor of him who dwells in the bush."

Now, I don't know how Brown and Luskin found oil in those words, but they will soon find out if there is indeed oil in Israel.

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