Wednesday, October 05, 2005

an artist in Iraq

The BBC is featuring the works of a young Iraqi artist named Omran Suleman Bebo whose paintings help to evoke the uncertainties, the difficulties, and the hope in Iraq.

He is a member of the Yezidi religious sect which suffered greatly under Saddam Hussein's rule.

The images are striking and the colors vivid. One particular painting struck me: an image showing the body of a woman, a leg, and a young plant that has just sprouted.

Bebo says about this painting:

"Not much is good in Iraq now and many people have been killed. In the picture there is a leg and a body, and the woman is thinking about all the people who have been killed.

"But a young plant is also coming out of the painting which shows goodness.

"The young sprout is small but will bring good."

by Omran Suleman Bebo (BBC)

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