Friday, March 11, 2005

interview by templeton prize winner charles townes

national public radio has a short interview of this year's templeton prize winner charles townes whose inventions include the laser and who has spent years as a leading advocate for the convergence of science and religion. the purpose of this prize, which is valued at $1.5 million, is to "honor and encourage the many entrepreneurs trying various ways through discoveries and breakthroughs to expand human perceptions of divinity and to help in the acceleration of divine creativity" according to the prize's own site.

townes once wrote that: "Understanding the order in the universe and understanding the purpose in the universe are not identical, but they are also not very far apart." it instantly reminded me of what the present pope has said, namely, that "truth cannot contradict truth."

townes apparently once said: "I have enormous respect and adoration for Christ and what he did," though he wasn't sure if he is indeed the Son of God. then he added: "He's closer to it than anybody else I know of."

listen to the interview here.

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