Saturday, April 09, 2005

journalist investigates the Cookie Monster

When Chelsea J. Carter of the Associated Press learned that changes are afoot on Sesame Street, she immediately did what she had been trained to do in journalism school: investigate! So she surfed the net and made phone calls to find the scoop. The scoop is that the Cookie Monster, our beloved Cookie Monster, will be eating less cookies. Imagine that. This is the type of investigative reporting that really gets me at the edge of my chair.

So she got a hold of Dr. Rosemarie T. Truglio, the show’s vice president of research and education who told her that with the rise in childhood obesity, "'Sesame Street' is concentrating on the need to teach children about healthy foods and physical activity." She adds that in this season on Sesame Street, each episode opens with a “health tip” about nutrition, exercise, hygiene and rest. Also, there will be new and healthier characters on Sesame, such as talking eggplants and carrots.....eggplants?

Anyway, Truglio insists that "We are not putting [Cookie Monster] on a diet...And we would never take the position of no sugar. We’re teaching him moderation." By teaching him moderation, they are teaching me moderation, especially with chocolate chip cookies which are one of my favorite things in this whole wide world. Luckily even with my sweet tooth I have remained pretty trim thanks to exercise. Perhaps the beloved CM might also do some exercises.

Read Carter's story here. You'd also find out what Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Hillary Clinton were up to on Street.

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