Saturday, March 11, 2006

wacky weather

So we have been having wacky weather here in the Bay Area. In parts of the Bay last night, there were combinations of thunder and lightning, hail, rain, cold wind, and....yes.....snow!....which delighted so many people to no end. It hardly snows here in the Bay Area, though once in a while higher elevations may see snow, like Mount Diablo in the East Bay.

I was dining last night at a restaurant and when we got to my car, it was covered with ice. Amazing.

Then I turned on the news and saw pictures of the hilly road to Santa Cruz covered with snow. So traffic was halted and motorists sat in traffic for quite a bit of time.....But surprisingly, no hot-headed tantrums!

People got out of their cars, built snowmen, started playing snowfights, opened their mouths to the sky to catch some snow (and we're talking grown-ups here). Those who happened to have snowboards or skis in their cars took them out and played.

I even heard one woman say on TV, “Yeah, we’ve been stuck in traffic for about an hour now.....but I don’t know.... (and with a big toothy grin on her face).....we’re just HAPPY!"

Happyily stuck in traffic! Wow! What a joyous effect snow has.

The forecast is more of the same for tonight.

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