Friday, January 20, 2006

walk for life in San Francisco

If you are Catholic--or not, but nonetheless believe that women deserve better than abortion--and if you have most of the day tomorrow to spare, then consider going to San Francisco and join in the second annual West Coast Walk for Life. It’s going to be fun, I can tell you. I was there last year and had a great time marching for women and for life.

This year’s march is turning out to be another fun one too. According to the SF Chronicle, pro-choice activists are planning a counter-rally as they did last year. Such fun!

So, if you are going, expect to be heckled, expect wire-hangers waved at you, expect a few activists shouting at your face (if that gets annoying get the attention of the police: those activists can’t touch you), expect shouting and name-calling. But remember, your side is quiet the whole time as you march; the shouting and the heckling will be coming from the other side.

Now, isn’t that a typically San Francisco way to spend the day? Think of it as a scenic walk through the streets of the City by the Bay, with a few friends and a few yelling activists along the way.

And you know, to make such a statement for life and for women in America’s most liberal of cities is remarkable.

I especially wish to invite young women out there who believe in the cause to join in the march. That's because in last year's rally, I observed that the other side had more of this demographic. But I know there are young female pro-lifers out there. So, it would even be a greater statement I think if women who believe that women deserve better than abortion join in the march.

The Walk for Life rally begins at 11am at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. Click on the Walk's link here for more information.

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