Thursday, August 11, 2005

antidote to terrorism

Just before his election to the papacy, Pope Benedcit gave an address to a group of priests, monks, and nuns in the Italian village of Subiaco. His words identified the reason why some Muslims fear the West. And no, it’s not because of Christianity. It’s the opposite.

“Muslims do not feel threatened by our Christian moral foundations, but by the cynicism of a secularized culture that denies its own foundations,” Benedict said.

He then adds, “It is not the mention of God that offends those who belong to other religions, but rather the attempt to build the human community absolutely without God.”

To those looking for an antidote to terrorism, here’s one avenue they might want to seek. Sure, there are other factors involved that’s fueling the terrorists’ crusade, such as politics, economics, the U.S. military presence in Iraq, and others. But many faithful believers of Islam have always condemned the “godlessness” of the West as immoral and have therefore seen their jihad against the West as justified.

Apart from that, these are definitely insightful words, featured in a recent article from Newsweek.

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