Friday, October 07, 2005

a new moderated version of a document on admitting gay seminarians?

Today reports indicate that a moderated document concerning admitting men with same-sex attractions into seminaries is the final version that might be released by the Vatican.

And according to the Associated Press, this has been confirmed by an unnamed official in Rome (Always dubious when I hear “unnamed official speaking on condition of anonymity”).

But anyway, this seems to be acceptable to many folks out there who have bemoaned reports that said document actually bans all gay men from seminaries: a document by the way that we yet haven't seen or read.

Plus, now we’ve seen perhaps how Rome sometimes deals with some controversial yet uncertain decisions: put up a trial balloon, then see what the reaction would be. If there is enough outcry, amend and moderate.

I know, I know....this sounds a tad cynical. But, apparently this seems to be what has just happened. Am I wrong?

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