Friday, September 30, 2005

bringing snow and skiers to San Francisco on a warm day

If I had decided to play hooky yesterday, no doubt this is probably what I would have done: joined the thousands of people in San Francisco to watch snow skiers take a jump off Fillmore Street in 80-degree weather.

This was a promotional event called Icer Air 2005, and one of the jumpers was Olympic gold medalist Johnny Moseley who was joined by some 20 other snowboarders and skiers as they made their turns and twists in midair.

At least one jumper didn’t make it completely down Green Street, but instead landed somewhere in the vicinity of Vallejo Street.

Anyway, this event left residents of this usually quiet Pacific Heights neighborhood of SF a bit annoyed.

"This is an absolute fiasco...This is a bunch of narcissistic yuppies putting on an unnecessary stunt," said one.

And Gavin Newsom, the mayor of the City, realized this yesterday (thank goodness) upon seeing the scene.

"We have to be sensitive to the concerns of the neighbors. I'm not sure we want to bring it back exactly there," he said.

Read about this exotic event (by SF standards) here.

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