Saturday, October 15, 2005

fishing for vocations

This is something that I should strongly consider doing: raising the thought of priestly vocation in the minds of our young men in the community. Now that I am ordained I am in a position to speak more authoritatively about the experience of being in formation and living a priestly life than before ordination. And something like this should not just be the responsibility of vocations directors

Come to think of it, for myself, it is the suggestion made to me by a family member when I was a youngster that planted the thought in me of entering the seminary. From that time on, the thought of priestly vocation has always been with me.

So, it is indeed true that a mere suggestion or a question posed to a young person can help plant the seed of vocation. Not only vocations directors and priests, but you, family members can help in increasing the number of priests in the Church.

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