Monday, February 07, 2005

presidential reading material

well, if you would like to know what your president is reading these days, it's that steamy, raw, sexually-charged book set in a college campus, written by tom wolfe called I Am Charlotte Simmons. it might not sound presidential for some, but if i were a dad with college-aged daughters, i'd sure want to know what's going on.

i have read it, not because i am a dad with kids in college, but because i was *head bowed in shame* curious. yes, i know.....but you know, i liked how wolfe drew a convincing portrait of a very intelligent and principled, though provincial, young college student named charlotte, who upon succumbing to the pressures to fit in, allowed herself to have a sexual encounter with a college stud for whom the night meant little more than a physical release. pitiful. and then wolfe paints the mental and emotional consequences charlotte goes through.

perhaps not only presidential dads or regular dads should read it, but our younger folks as well.

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