Wednesday, March 09, 2005

living without women?

if the BBC gets its way, the menfolk in the town of harby in england will get to experience what life is like for a week without women. that's right, imagine that (i don't have to as i get a dose of this everyday living in a catholic seminary). with expenses paid for by the BBC, all of the women of the town will be lodged elsewhere, away from the town, while the men tend for themselves. they will be filmed for a reality program which the BBC will air at a later date.

some of the women love the idea, and some of the men are skeptical. also, some fear this will make their village a laughing stock. anyway, the aim of the producers apparently is to conduct “an intriguing social experiment designed to see how a community of men rises to the challenge of filling all the roles in village life." some think the bbc is wasting its money.

read the story here.

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