Monday, March 07, 2005

paglia on poetry

one of my favorite social critics, camille paglia, is set to release her new book, break blow burn, by the end of the month. she says at an interview released by matt drudge: "At this time of foreboding about the future of Western culture, it is crucial to identify and preserve our finest artifacts... As a student of ancient empires, I am uncertain about whether the West's chaotic personalism can prevail against the totalizing creeds that menace it. Hence it is important that we reinforce the spiritual values of Western art, however we define them."

wouldn't quite agree with her view on those "totalizing creeds," but she has always been perceptive. the form of art she extols in her new book is poetry. and in this book she reads 43 of the best poems. i for one am looking forward to this new work.

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