Wednesday, March 16, 2005

a trying time for the local church

this is a particularly trying time for the local churches here in the san francisco bay area as the local diocese of oakland and the archdiocese of san francisco face possible huge payouts in the wake of the trials that are currently undergoing concerning the alleged abuses committed by priests in the 70's and 80's. at present there are about 150 suits filed against catholic dioceses and religious orders across northern california. these suits came forward soon after a state law came into effect in 2002 which temporarily lifted the statute of limitations on damage claims against organizations that gave known pedophiles access to more victims.

certainly this is a time not only to get to the truth behind these allegations but also for the local clergy to stand even closer to the calling to which they have committed themselves.

the story concerning the trials in the east bay diocese is found here, and the one for the archdiocese is here.

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