Tuesday, March 22, 2005

yawning and sex

as someone who will be taking the vow of celibacy pretty soon, this particular topic is very close to my heart. dutch academic wolter seuntjens of the vrije universiteit in amsterdam recently wrote a thesis called "the hidden sexuality of the human yawn." in it he says that "the yawn and the associated stretch of the 'stretch-yawn syndrome' have been linked to desire and even of being in love, figuring in the courtship process both in the West and in passages in ancient Indian literature," according to the guardian. seuntjens, the same article says, has even found "one pair of authors who described the feeling that accompanies the acme of yawning as a 'mini-orgasm.'" hmm....interesting....i had never thought of associating yawning with sex.

anyway, thanks to suentjens, i'll never think of yawning the same way again--another way of "channeling" one's sexual energy as a celibate. *yawn*

read the article here.

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