Tuesday, April 26, 2005

it's that time again

This is the time of year when research papers, projects, exams all come in rapid succession. If you are a student and you are entering that time of year, I am in solidarity with you. I have been going through this every year for the past several years now, and everytime, at the beginning of each the school term, I tell myself, "Ok, I will make sure I will do this way in advance." And guess what, it doesn't happen. It's largely because of the full schedule that I and all the rest of us in the seminary have. It's not just the academics that I have to be mindful about, but other obligations and duties as well (a lame excuse?). Amazingly, we all get by and then the cycle repeats itself next school year.

So, I just thought I'd take time to procrastinate...oops, I mean to take a break, and tell you what's up. Anyway, back to work.

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