Sunday, April 10, 2005

the reading and the prayer for the third day of the novendiales

A reading from a sermon by St. Leo the Great, pope:

"Out of the whole world one man, Peter, is chosen to preside at the calling of all nations, and to be set over all the apostles and all the fathers of the Church. Though there are in God's people many bishops and many shepherds, Peter is thus appointed to rule in his own person those whom Christ also rules as the original ruler. Beloved, how great and wonderful is this sharing in his power that God in his goodness has given to this man. Whatever Christ has willed to be shared in common by Peter and the other leaders of the Church, it is only through Peter that he has given to others what he has not refused to bestow on them."


God our Father,
may your servant Pope John Paul,
rejoice in the fellowship
of the successors of Peter
whose office he shared in this life.
Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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