Sunday, May 01, 2005

all comments mistakenly decimated

In my effort to upgrade somewhat the comments feature of this humble blog, haloscan ruthlessly eradicated all of the comments posted here. My apologies to everyone who left comments. Be assured however that the essence of your words and comments is safely guarded in the bottom of my heart. They are kept hidden and safe where haloscan cannot reach them. I am confident that this assurance is better than my requiring all the previous commenters to re-post their comments!

Anyway, consider this decimation as that from a newbie blogger still trying to find his way around blogging. I just hope that nothing more disastrous happens in the future, such as my deleting the whole blog by mistake or something like that.

But now that haloscan is up and running, please comment to your heart's content. It even has a trackback feature(woo hoo!), the use of which I do not yet completely understand. I will investigate as soon as exams and papers are over with. Or if you know, do leave a comment. Again, apologies.

[UPDATE: I have figured out a way to restore the comments previously erased. Alleluia!]

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