Monday, May 02, 2005

blink, blink, blink

Following up on that last post on blogging and bloggers, I say that the blog Blink O Rama has got to be one of the most entertaining and hilarious blogs I have ever seen. It's irreverent, it's funny, it's entertaining. And it's all of that without even a single word from the blog's author. It's simply brilliant.

I know I've mentioned this blog before in a previous post, but the hilarity that I derive from gazing at Joe Lieberman or Jane Fonda for instance at their blinking moment must be shared with those who are yet unaware of this stupendous blinkfest. And so I plug this blog again.

The comments (here I go again with comments) about each posted blinker are just as entertaining. Yes, some of the comments are rather blue, so, if you are offended by blueness, don't visit the blog.

My favorite blinkers include Condi Rice, looking unusually vulnerable (I would like to advise her not to blink if negotiating with the North Koreans); Mother Angelica (I'm Catholic so I'm biased toward her); and Jane Fonda, whose blink looks like she's about to sneeze.

Visit Blink O Rama here.

[UPDATE 05/26/05: This amazingly awesome blog seems to have inexplicably disappeared, to my sadness and despair. I am currently suffering withdrawal symptoms as I haven't had my Blink O Rama fix for several days now.]

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