Wednesday, May 25, 2005

priestly blogging

In the space of a week three members of the clergy whose blogs I visit have announced their decision either to discontinue blogging or to consider discontinuation for various reasons. An Anglican minister who authors the blog Pontifications made known his uncertainty with regards to his continuing his blogging after his decision to enter in full communion with the Catholic Church. I can tell you that decision was big news in Catholic blogland. A Saintly Salmagundi has also announced his decision to end his blogging, citing the demands of priestly ministry and the fact that his blog seems to have fully run its course. And the author of the Diary of a Suburban Priest has also made known his thoughts about stopping his blogging in the fall.

The thought came to my mind: well, if the demands of priestly ministry is such that maintaining a blog is a bit difficult, then what's the future of this humble blog? So far, blogging has had no adverse effect on my schedule and I was able to budget my time so that I was still able to blog while keeping up with studies. But that's as a student. Once one becomes a priest and is in full-time ministry, I wonder. Anyway, one wishes the above bloggers all the best in their ministries.

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