Thursday, June 30, 2005

from Lord Arthur Brocket's "A Cambridge Excursion"

Idly we drifted through idyllic meadows,
languidly lounging in low floating punts,
ladies reclining in restful repose,
shaded by parasols from warm summer sun,
gentlemen poling the boats past the banks,
crowded with willows in clear water weeping.

Gathered together the Company of Crimson,
pondering the points Professor Petrie reveals;
Hilda, his wife, having heard more than enough
urges the rest to relax for the day;
meanwhile the Major nonchalantly punts,
setting high standards with effortless style.

Viscount Buffington his pole stuck in mud,
backwards and forwards like punting in treacle;
Reverend Michaels in similar distress,
leaving his pole but not loosing his dignity;
Dr. Staunton our guide steers steadfastly by,
expertly handling the river's high drama.

punting in Cambridge, England

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