Thursday, July 07, 2005

London police's Officer Paddick

It was good to hear a top officer of London's police correct one of the reporters this morning at a news conference in London. One of the reporters asked a question which seemed to correlate Islam with terrorism; and so London's Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick quickly cautioned anyone who would make a ready connection between anyone who a believer of Islam with acts of terrorism. He added that acts of terror, such as those witnessed and suffered by many Londoners today, are totally contrary to the teachings of Islam and that adherents of Islam are not to be automatically associated with terrorists. In fact, several Muslim leaders have already condemned the attack. On such a terrible and sad day in London that is very good to hear coming from a high-ranking police officer there.

I have ridden on London's tube trains many times during my last visit there a couple of years ago. The events this morning are just very sad.

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