Saturday, July 30, 2005

London Police's Sir Ian

The relatively quick arrests made from the investigations on the attempted bombings in London on July 21 have made me want to know a bit more about London’s head of Metropolitan Police Sir Ian Blair. He seems to be running a rather efficient and top-notch operation there. And so I found out that The Times of London recently featured him in a very eye-opening article.

It turns out that Sir Ian is more than just your average rough, hardened “copper." He’s a “copper” who quotes Voltaire, was educated in Oxford, and uses words and phrases such as “invidious”, “encapsulate”, “ex cathedra”, “antithesis” and “counsel of perfection”. That’s right: he’s a bit of an intellectual The Times says. However, he seems to earn the respect of the rest of London's police officers.

When accused by the newspaper The Telegraph of spending too much time in “community relations” among the multi-ethnic communities in London rather than investigating terrorism, Sir Ian responds: “ I don’t understand that. They are the same thing.” He’s got a point there.

Anyway, he seems like a decent chap. Read about him here.

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