Wednesday, July 13, 2005

the power of blogs

Can you handle another blogger blogging about blogs? Well, here I go. A news item from CNN talks about the price of telling too much in one’s blog. It has become, especially for the younger folks, the place to bear one’s soul.

"Since the people who read my blog are friends or acquaintances of mine, my philosophy is to be totally honest -- whether it's about how uncomfortable my panty hose are or my opinions about First Amendment law,” says 23-year-old Allison Martin. That’s quite a range of topics there: from panty hose to the U.S. Constitution.

What is particularly interesting is the comment from a school principal whose students were involved in a negative blogging frenzy which led to a few students getting suspensions.

According to the principal who spoke anonymously to CNN--so she couldn’t be identified for fear of another blogging frenzy in her school: "It was just a spiraling of downward emotions...Kids just feed into to that and then more kids see it and so on...It's a negative power -- but it's still a power."

A power. Hmm. Well, words certainly are.

Read the CNN story here.

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