Sunday, October 09, 2005

first anniversary!

One year ago today I set my hand to keyboard and started writing verses that would become the first words posted on this humble blog. Rather surprising to realize that this personal endeavor to bring my thoughts expressed in prose and poetry onto the blogworld is a year old. How time flies.

What is also amazing is that through all of those high points, this humble blog has remained in existence. There have been times throughout the year when I doubted this blog would last, but amazingly, a year later, the will to blog is still there. And so, I daresay, the blogging must go on!

To mark this first anniversary, I have already made minor changes to this blog. I mean, they're so minor you might not have noticed them. First, the archives are now on a pull-down menu to save space. And a counter is now in place showing the number of visitors.

And of course, I welcome any other suggestions to this humble blog. Any questions, concerns, complaints, observations, just send them to me. And I will see about adopting those suggestions, if any.

Lastly, to all those who read this and visit here (yep, that's all six or seven of you methinks), many thanks.

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