Wednesday, November 23, 2005

where have all the sinners gone?

I just noticed today a piece written by Andrew Santella for Slate on why few Catholics are taking advantage of the sacrament of reconciliation.

In spite of the secular trend of bearing one’s soul in front of millions on TV, this has not translated into long lines in front of the confessional.

He lists several reasons why, all of which sounds plausible. But for the kicker, the gives the following reason: it’s work!

Yep, going to confession is quite a task according to Santella:

The biggest barrier between Catholics and the confessional, however, may be the real effort it requires. Unloading your transgressions on the Internet takes a few computer clicks—you can do it on your coffee break. But done right, Catholic confession demands a rigorous examination of conscience and real contrition, to say nothing of the prayers you may be assigned for penance and the thinking a priest may ask you to do about the ways you've let yourself and God down.

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