Tuesday, November 01, 2005

where I was

The past two weeks have been quite busy and hectic. The pastor went on vacation and so I was acting pastor (but it seems like I was merely acting). Being the “new kid on the bloc” helped somewhat. I can say, “Well, I am new here, so I am not sure what the decision should be.”

And I used those words a couple of times with respect to administrative stuff that fell on me in the pastor’s absence. But I know after one year, the luxury of claiming “rookieness” will end. But all in all it was quite fun.

What was a bit of a challenge were the sudden funerals last week. There were six. For me it was a real “baptism with fire.” I should be exhausted right now, but amazingly I am not. Praying with the families, consoling them, hearing their stories was such an honor. And being with them at this sad time in their life was a grace.

The past two weeks were busy, but during that time I got a large sampling of what ministry is all about.

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