Sunday, February 12, 2006

new blog feature: Categories

I have just installed a new archives feature to this humble blog, which stores posts according to category. Before this, there was only the chronological archives, which can be tedious if I am looking for a previous post and couldn’t figure when I had posted it.

Blogger unfortunately doesn’t have a built-in feature that archives posts by category, so I had to look and research out there.

As I have found during my looking and researching, there are sundry methods out there that organize previous posts by categories, but the method I installed here on the sidebar to your left has a neat feature which expands and collapses the posts’ titles! Ain’t that cool?

I think this makes for a neater, streamlined look to a blog; it saves space; and it avoids "clutter." I don't quite like "clutter" in a blogsite, and as you can see I have made the look of this blog simple....You know what they say, "Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance."

Anyway, currently there are 12 main categories in which my posts are organized, and some of these main categories have sub-categories, and they are expandable and collapse-able too!

So, pick a category and look up a previous post on the subject.

I will also continue to have here the archives feature by chronology.

Additionally, I have moved up the “Interesting bits” feature which is currently a list of 15 posts which I find interesting and worthy of sharing.

Whenever I post a new “Interesting bit,” the oldest link at the bottom of the list disappears. Someday, I will also perhaps provide a link to the previous “Interesting bits” posted on this blog. Thanks.

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