Thursday, February 02, 2006

those "Interesting Bits on the Side"

Just a word about the "Interesting Bits on the Side" section of this blog on the sidebar:

Sometimes as I surf the web, I come across amusing, funny, delightful, interesting stuff. And so, wanting to share this, I post the link on the blog. If I don't have any comments on it, I would just post the link on the "Interesting Bits" section, instead of in the main posts section.

And so, feel free to click on those links on the sidebar. They're there for your diversion.

And conversely, if you have come accross something intertesting on the web and would like me to post it, send me an email.

As you can see from the sample of what's in the list right now, I am partial to amusing, funny, informative links.

So, take a look at those "Interesting Bits" or suggest an interesting bit if you have one. Many thanks!

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