Saturday, May 06, 2006

local Episcopal community elects a new bishop; controversy avoided

The local Episcopal community here in the Bay Area has chosen a new bishop, Mark Handley Andrus, who has served as auxiliary [bishop suffragan] in the Diocese of Alabama since 2001.

The election of Andrus, a married man with two daughters, steers the Anglican Communion away this time from the kind of controversy that had met the election of an openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson, as Bishop of New Hampshire.

Andrus received 72% of the votes out of the 261 clergy members who took part in the ballot. And he received 54.6% of the votes out of the 295 lay members who participated.

What's striking is that the three gay/lesbian candidates did not even receive more than 8 votes among themselves.

For a background post on this story, read this.

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