Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The mysterious Angel of Lebanon

Now here’s a good story out of all that fighting and mess going on in Lebanon and Israel.

A young Lebanese-American woman, no more than 18 years of age, who has usually spent her summers in Lebanon, has helped dozens of Americans flee to safety.

According to reports, she was initially “trapped in the town of Yahoun when the fighting broke out. U.S. officials helped guide her to Beirut. She kept gathering other Americans along the way.”

According to U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman, “We were able to work with her to identify routes, to identify vehicles in order to get the Americans moving. By the time she got here, she had 76 Americans with her.”

And she hasn’t been heard from since. She is known by the name "Souha Saleh" and is believed to have boarded a boat to Cyprus but no one has been able to confirm her evacuation—or even her identity.

By the way, her name, “Saleh,” is the name of a prophet in the Qu'ran.

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