Sunday, October 29, 2006

from "Why should I Cry For You" by Sting

Under the dog star sail,
over the reefs of moonshine,
under the skies of fall,
North, north west, the stones of Faroe.

Under the Artic fire,
over the seas of silence
hauling on frozen ropes
for all my days remaining.
But would north be true?

All colors bleed to red,
asleep on the ocean's bed,
drifting in empty seas,
for all my days remaining
But would north be true?
Why should I? Why should I cry for you?

Dark angels follow me,
over a godless sea,
mountains of endless falling,
for all my days remaining,
What would be true?

Sometimes I see your face,
The stars seem to lose their place
Why must I think of you?
Why must I? Why should I?

Why should I cry for you?
Why would you want me to?
And what would it mean to say,
That "I loved you in my fashion?"

Ocean at Night by Indigo

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