Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sacramento welcomes Soto

The faithful of Sacramento have welcomed their new co-adjutor Bishop Jaime Soto, an auxiliary from the diocese of Orange, at a special Mass of welcome yesterday.

Approximately 1,300 guests packed the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento for the two-hour bilingual Mass.

"We are delighted you are young, vigorous, bright and wise -- you are just what we need. You are well prepared to lead us in ministry to our large Hispanic population and also in working toward unifying and celebrating our multicultural reality," said Bishop William Weigand of Sacramento.

And for his part Soto remarked:
"This is my prayer -- while we worship together, work together, study and pray the Scriptures together, discern and deliberate together God's call, work hand in hand to bring God's saving charity to others, strive together for a just world where peace prospers -- may we always reverence one another as brothers and sisters, saving the joy and encouragement of our communion in Christ."

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