Tuesday, December 04, 2007

exploring Eden and eating scorpions

I’ve been watching this guy on TV survive in a desert, a forest, a jungle, a glacier, swampland, wherever. Drop this guy anywhere on the face of the earth and he’d figure out a way to survive.

His name is Bear Grylls (what a name) and he eats whatever he can find: bugs, snakes, scorpions, grubs, flowers, zebras you name it---and most of the time he eats them raw. He’d grab a grub, give it a chew, wince, and say something like, “Eww, caught a bad one today....tastes like a puss exploded in my mouth.” Lovely, eh?

Word went out a few months ago that that he may be a fake and that some of the scenes were staged and that Bear had actually spent a night in a motel. So nowadays before each episode, a disclaimer is shown stating that some situations have been presented to Grylls for him to show survival techniques.

But still, I think you can’t fake finding a dead zebra in the middle of a savannah, whose flesh has been torn by lions and vultures, and taking a slice of meat off it and eating it raw!

I see Grylls do all these survivor stunts and think to myself on a bad day in the parish, “This is ok…they’ve not made me eat scorpions yet.”

Grylls eating a crucifix spider.

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