Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Guadalupe: the fitting Advent symbol

In our parish this morning, the celebration of today's feast was a rather humble one: certainly not the festive, grand celebration in parishes with the rich presence of our brothers and sisters from Central and South America.

But for me rather than the wreath, or the deep purple of Advent, a more fitting image for this season is the image of the pregnant Virgin of Tepeyac: prayerful, reverent, and expectant of the coming of Christ.

The entirety of our life is one big, grand Advent: in this life we prepare ourselves to meet the Lord: waiting “in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ,” just as that miraculous image of Mary on the tilma waits for the birth of the Christ Child.

Here is an Advent icon for all people, not just for those whose cultures have always celebrated Our Lady of Guadalupe---but for all believers. In her, we find solidarity with all who wait....with all who are in the margins…..with all who migrate to our land---as Our Lady herself once migrated to a foreign land with her Child---wanting nothing more but to live and to work.

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