Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the stuff that makes for a voice from eden

This is the stuff that makes for a voice from eden: a man and a woman in love. Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton have announced their engagement today, and we are happy for them. This is what we are all about here in AVE.

Just a caution to you folks in the press and in the media out there: she is not going to be "Princess Kate" or "Princess Catherine." Technically she will be "HRH Princess William."

Now, if the Queen were to decide to give him a title, most likely a ducal one, she would then become, "HRH The Duchess of Somewhere."

So, a good and safe subject to talk about (forget "How long is their marriage going to last?") is "What title might the Queen give her grandson, an heir presumptive?" Ducal titles that have been given within the UK royal family, and are currently vacant, include: Ross, Clarence, Albany, Sussex, Cambridge, Connaught, and Strathearn. Any of those would work.

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