Thursday, December 02, 2010

Wikileak cable on Prince Charles?

Is anybody else reading these Wikileak cables? They can be some of the most interesting reads you’ve had in a long time. It’s like reading the Enquirer for those working in the U.S. State Department or in any foreign diplomatic corps.

There are bits about the French President Sarkozy and the Italian President Berlusconi.

I am not going to moralize on the morality of spilling state secrets. My theory is that they wouldn’t be out there if nobody in the State Dept. hierarchy didn’t want them spilled. Know what I'm saying?

Just a sample of what these leaked cables contain:

The Commonwealth Political Director Amitav Banerji admitted to a State Department official that when Queen Elizabeth “passes” talk of who would be the next head of the Commonwealth could be on the table. Why?

According to Banerji, the “heir-apparent to the British Crown, Prince Charles, does not ‘command the same respect’ as the Queen and said the Commonwealth was trying quietly to get him more involved in Commonwealth affairs.”

Poor Prince.

News is that there are confidential cables from the U.S. Embassy in the Holy See that are also being leaked. Those apparently are forthcoming.

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